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We are pleased to present the earliest cartoon found thus far in the January and February 1931 editions of Hooey Magazine. Henri is 23 years old at the time of this printing.

Through the bios in his books, we were able to locate Henri's art work in 1933 "College and Sense Humor" magazine. This led us to the 1932 annual "Hooey" magazine in which three of Henri's cartoons were on display. Recently added (bottom of page) is a 1936 cartoon from Hooey.

"Pl-ee-se, if you have two lower berths?" - January, 1931

"I'll buy her---and if I'm not home, leave her with the lady next door." - February, 1931

"Quiet, please! Your wife has a headache." - 1932

"My gosh, we forgot to put in lavatories!" - 1932

"--you should wear step-ins in this kind of weather!" - 1932

"- - -now in this scene you have a baby - - you know what I mean - - - - " - 1936

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