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Henri Weiner/Paul Haggard:
Letters to German Artist George Grosz 1934-1939.

George Grosz was a famous German-American painter and illustrator. Most of his works have political content and some of them criticize W.W.I. He was one of the first to ridicule Hitler by depicting him dressed in a bear skin. He immigrated to US in 1933 and became a citizen in 1938. In 1959 Mr. Grosz made his final return to Berlin, where he died a few months later on July 6th.

In the letters below an up and coming 27 year old Henri Weiner writes a famous 41 year old George Grosz. Later he writes as Paul Haggard, his new pen name, (see http://www.stephenlongstreet.com/phaggard.htm). Trying to catch Mr. Grosz's attention, he claims he is a captain. The second to last letter references an Esquire Mag Article. Those borrowed drawings as seen in the August, 1938 Esquire Magazine: #1 #2 #3. The final letter contradicts the request of a loan of artwork and claims that it was a donation to aid the cause of Spaniard artists. (Updated Jan. 2004)

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