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Ethel Longstreet along with Frankie Spitz (wife of Leo Spitz, head of Universal Studios at the time) ran the west coast office on Doheny Dr. for "The American League for a Free Palestine". This organization from 1939-1947 drew support in the U.S. from Jews and Gentiles alike. It is true that their vision of a Hebrew commonwealth on both sides of the Jordan did not common to pass. Yet, for their efforts came what is now known as modern Israel. They participated in the resurrection of a nation and then disappeared.


Some of their work is detailed in the gripping novel "The Magicians" by Paul Gropman.

Ethel Longstreet rose. "Some of you may have children at home waiting. But before you leave, I wish to remind you that Mr. Hadani came here from New York to raise funds that will buy food, clothing, medical supplies for the men and women of the Irgun and...do I dare say it...arms and ammunition?"
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"The Magicians" is now out of print. However, you can still get a copy.
To obtain a signed, first edition copy for $25.75:

Send an email to Paul Gropman - PGrop37999@aol.com.

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