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Throughout his sixties, Stephen would be involved with 29 more books. He will take on more social topics in his books "The Divorce" (1974) and "Win or Lose, a social history of gambling in America"(1977). His most famous collaboration with wife Ethel, "The Joys of Jewish Cooking" (1974) as well as the other collaboration exploring sensuality in "Yoshiwara: city of senses" (1970). In this decade the last autobiographical assistance is lent: "Sometimes I wonder" by Hoagy Carmichael and Stephen Longstreet. (1976).

It in this decade that Stephen not only capitalizes on his talents as novelist, screenwriter, artist and art historian, but gives back by teaching creative writing at the University of Southern California from 1975-80. He was president of the Los Angeles Art Association from 1972-1975
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