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With best selling books and hit movies under his belt, Stephen is now a bonafide celebrity, writing articles for Hollywood magazine as well as 14 new novels including "Real jazz, old and new", a definitive illustrated jazz lexicon for German release, the steamy classic "Beach House" and "Never Look Back" the autobiography of Billy Pearson the jockey. The first "Pedlocks" novel is written this decade.
He would write on five movies as well as the TV series Playhouse 90. Most notable of the movies are "The Greatest Show on Earth" and"The Helen Morgan Story".
The first of five grandchildren are born.
Man of Montmartre- First Stephen & Ethel Longstreet Novel.
Correspondence: Cecil B. deMille  Lela Rogers   Mervyn LeRoy  Jerry Wald  
Newspaper Clips:  1951 Tour of Stars   1953 Studebaker Pageant
                             1956 Hedda Hopper   1956 Another Hedda Hopper

Sad Historical Note: "Untamed Youth (1957)", the movie, has gone down in history as one of the more awful moviesof all time and ridiculed in episode #112 of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


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