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Henri (or Henry) Weiner claims to have been a surrealist artist from the age of 25. In 1930 he is documented at age 23 to be living with parents in NJ working as a department store commercial artist. He marries at the age of 24. His public bio states, he studied in New York, London and Paris & a student of Ralph Barton. He joined the contributing staffs of "Everybody's" and "The Passing Show" weeklies in London. The bio also states he won the Atman Award and the Safford Prize and was Editor-in-chief for Major Bowes.







He was for a fact an art editor for Golfer and Sportsman mag, made contributions to The New Yorker, Saturday Evening Post, College Humor and Sense, Collier's, Life, and Hooey magazines to name a few. He wrote half hour detective sketches for NBC radio at the rate of 2.00 a week. He helped create the dramatic parts of the Rudy Vallee Show.


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